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Why do certifications matter?

If you’re in the market for a new fireplace or fireplace insert, it can be hard to distinguish one company from another. So how can you tell if you’re choosing a company that really understands the safe selection, placement and installation of a home-heating appliance? Look for a company that is certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI).

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What is the NFI?

The NFI is the professional certification arm of the nonprofit Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Education Foundation. Since 2002, the NFI has offered education and certification to professionals working in the fireplace industry in an effort to improve public safety.

What does NFI certification mean?

NFI certifications indicate that a fireplace professional has gone through training and testing involving the planning and installation of fireplaces. The certifications indicate that a hearth professional understand the proper installation and venting of fireplace products. Fireplace professionals can be certified as an NFI Gas Specialist, an NFI Woodburning Specialist, an NFI Pellet Specialist, or all three. Professionals who have earned all three types of NFI certifications are referred to as Master Hearth Professionals.

How do fireplace professionals become NFI certified?

To earn their NFI certifications, hearth professionals have to pass multiple choice exams developed to demonstrate that the professionals have the knowledge needed to safely and properly plan and install fireplace appliances. Hearth professionals also can take NFI training courses meant to provide them with the knowledge they need to pass the NFI certification exams.

What are NFI-certified professionals tested on?

The NFI certification exams were compiled through a job analysis process that determines the knowledge hearth professionals need to have to properly plan, install and maintain hearth appliances. To earn their NFI certifications, hearth professionals are tested on:

  • The science of combustion,
  • Heat protection,
  • Safety guidelines,
  • The basics of construction,
  • Installation guidelines and techniques,
  • Regulations regarding hearth construction and fireplace installation,
  • Appliance instructions and requirements,
  • Proper appliance drafting and ventilation requirements,
  • Fuel delivery, and
  • Fireplace inspection and service.

How do fireplace professionals maintain their certifications?

NFI certifications are good for a three-year period. To maintain their certifications, hearth professionals can either attend NFI-certified continuing education programs through the NFI Continuing Education Program for Certification Renewal, or they can take the most recent form of the NFI-certification exam before their existing certification expires.

How can an NFI-certified professional help you with your hearth needs?

An NFI-certified professional can help you choose a hearth appliance that meets your home-heating needs. Once you select an appliance that is the right size and the right fuel for you, an NFI-certified professional can prepare your home and install the appliance in accordance with local codes, the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practices. Throughout the life of your appliance, an NFI-certified fireplace expert can service and repair your fireplace.

How can you find an NFI-certified hearth professional?

If you’re searching for an NFI-certified fireplace professional to help you with your hearth in the greater Detriot area, look no further than FireSide Hearth & Home. We carry a lineup of the industry’s best hearth appliances, and we are proud to be NFI certified! You can speak with one of our hearth specialist by stopping by one of our three showrooms — in Canton, Utica or Royal Oak — today!

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The Benefits of Adding a Fire Pit to Your Yard

Backyard fire pits have been growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why: From elaborate gas-burning fire pit tables to simple masonry pits for building wood fires, fire pits offer a host of benefits.

Increase your outdoor season.

Mother Nature limits the portion of the year we can spend out of doors. An outdoor fire pit extends the portion of the year you can spend in your backyard by providing you with a heat source. A fire pit allows you to hold outdoor gatherings when chilly spring or fall nights otherwise would have driven you indoors.

Create an outdoor gathering space.The Benefits of Adding a Fire Pit to Your Yard Image - Royal Oak MI - FireSide Hearth

People love to gather around a fire. A fire pit provides the perfect outdoor gathering point around which you can relax with family, friends, and neighbors. Let your loved ones know you’re planning to light your outdoor fire pit on a summer evening, and you will inevitably draw a crowd.

Enjoy 360-degree heat.

There are other ways to heat your backyard, but one of the biggest benefits to an outdoor fire pit is that you get 360 degrees of heat. That means more people can gather comfortably around the fire.

Light up your backyard.

Of course, fires don’t just provide heat; they provide light. When you add an outdoor fire pit, you’re adding an additional source of lighting to your backyard. When you add a fire pit, you add a romantic, flickering natural light your outdoor space.

Enhance the style of your outdoor living space.

Adding a fire pit or fire pit table to your yard, patio or deck can transform your living space. A fire pit adds a beautiful focal point, sets the tone for your outdoor living space and can help define a gathering space. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, and when you furnish your outdoor living space with a fire pit, you help to create an additional outdoor “room” to your home.

Provide functionality.

One of the great things about outdoor fire pits is that they can provide functionality, along with warmth and light. Many fire pits and outdoor fire pit tables are designed to serve more than one purpose. The fire pits can be designed as the centerpiece of a dining table or coffee table, or some fire pits have built-in grilling surfaces to serve as an additional outdoor cooking appliance.

Find the style that’s right for you.

There are a seemingly endless variety of outdoor fire pits and fire pit tables. You can find large, elegant gas fire pit table that ignites with the push of a button to serve as a dramatic focal point for your yard, or opt for a simple wood-burning fire pit to add a rustic element to your patio. Whether you prefer traditional or modern, gas or wood, fire pit or fire pit table, there’s a style that’s perfect for your outdoor living space.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a fire pit in your backyard, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at FireSide Hearth & Home. Stop by one of our three showrooms today to see some of our many outdoor fire pit options.

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